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Outstanding Performance. Maximum Comfort

Ductless Mini Split Systems

Maximum Control For Perfect Comfort

Ductless mini-split heating and cooling systems deliver the right temperature of air directly into zoned areas.
You can easily achieve your desired comfort in the cold rooms or hot rooms of your home or business.
Ductless systems are even a great option for your entire home, especially when installing or retrofitting central air would be too invasive and costly, or where there's simply no room for duct work at all.
With wall, ceiling or floor mounted interior units that are connected to an exterior pump through small hoses, you can quickly achieve a new level of comfort with a new, high level of energy savings!
Quick Facts

Save close to 30% of your energy from what Is normally lost through your duct work.

Save money heating or cooling only the rooms that are currently occupied with zoned controls and smart thermostats.

Dramatically improve air quality! With unit by unit filtering. They are also washable! and last 10 years.

Get a fast and easy install with minimal invasion in your home. A few small holes and you're good to go!

Get a $1000 rebate from Pacific Power!

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