Ductless Mini-Splits

 ACT Absolute Comfort Technology serves commercial and residential customers in Union Gap, Ellensburg, Richland, Pasco, Zilla, Cle Elum, Prosser, and Grandview, offering:


·       Ductless mini-split installation and replacement

·       Mini split maintenance

·       Ductless system repair and 24-hour emergency service 

Our professional, knowledgeable technicians are the Yakima Valley’s best HVAC services provider.  

Ductless Mini Split Air and Heat Installation

Whether you need a ductless system for a new construction project, would like to upgrade from a different HVAC system style, or it’s time to replace your old ductless unit, we’ve got you covered. Our AC contractors provide fast, professional installation, safeguarding your warranty and ensuring lasting system life. We offer high-performance designs customized to your home or business’ comfort needs, including: 


Dual-zoned ductless systems

A single ductless unit can support multiple air handlers, allowing for an energy efficient, zoned design.

Multi-zone ductless systems

Incorporate a second outdoor unit for buildings with a larger footprint or to boost energy savings with additional air handlers, improving your zoned design.


Ductless Mini Split Maintenance

 Regularly maintained mini splits offer more reliable performance and consume less energy. We recommend regular care by our NATE-certified HVAC technicians in the spring and fall before temperature extremes to ensure superior performance and prevent unexpected breakdowns. Our in-house team will handle it all:


·       Cleaning or replacing air filters

·       Verifying refrigerant levels

·       Coil and fan cleaning

·       Inspecting hardware, electrical, and coolant lines and connections

·       Removing overgrown landscaping and debris surrounding your outdoor unit  

Ductless System Repair

Our HVAC pros are here for you when you need fast, trustworthy ductless heat and air repair. We offer 24-hour emergency HVAC service to ensure your safety and comfort year-round. Our knowledgeable staff can quickly manage common mini-split repair issues, including:

  •    Ductless system cannot maintain temperature
  •   Mini split cycles on and off frequently
  •   Frozen coils/ice buildup
  •   Excess condensation or water leaks
  •   Strange noises or smells from ductless unit 
  • Abnormally high utility bills 

Is Ductless Heat and Air Right for Me?

 Ductless mini splits provide highly efficient heating and cooling year-round. These heat pump-style systems offer performance up to 30 SEER – among the highest available. They eliminate heat loss because they require no ductwork in attics or crawlspaces. Because they need no indoor air handler, they fit easily into even the smallest spaces. Mini splits facilitate a zoned design, allowing you to adjust settings in occupied and unoccupied areas for precise temperature control and maximum savings. Compared to traditional forced-air ducted heat and AC, ductless systems can reduce heating and cooling costs by 30-40% annually.


Learn More About Ductless AC Installation, Service, and Maintenance

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